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The Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Is Inevitable According To The Majority Of Americans

The same-sex marriage issue is a political hot potato. Most Democrats approve of same-sex marriages, but only 34 percent of the people in the Republican Party say those unions should be legalized. Regardless of those numbers, 72 percent of Americans believe the legalization of same-sex marriage is inevitable. The only question is when. The Supreme Court will answer that question the end of June, but for some people the fight to ban same-sex marriages will never be over.

There is a strong evangelical Christian presence in our political system. These Christian zealots are judges, magistrates, lawyers, congressman, and senators. They believe same-sex marriage is a sin because the Bible tells them so. They claim God is against gay and lesbian unions, and they will not compromise. Some Christian senators have said they will not honor the Supreme Court if their decision is to allow same-sex marriages.

So the battle for equal rights in America continues.  The Aspire New Brunswick suggested that America is still engrossed in a civil war of sorts. This time it’s the evangelical Christians against true Christianity.