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EOS’ Building of an Empire in Lip Balm

Many people don’t think much about the lip balm that they used as well as what it was made of until EOS lip balm sprang onto the scene. The brand came seemingly out of nowhere to redefine the lip balm industry by taking clues from the manner in which other industries were changing and providing customers with a variety of other choices.

Customers of lip balm tended to view their lip balms as a product that worked to accomplish the job that they wanted it to, but that they were not individually tied to or overly passionate about. There was a lack of differentiation between different brands and customers would generally just choose the option that was cheapest or on sale.

EOS’ founders noted that there were changes in other industries that indicated that customers were looking for more choices and higher quality products. Most lip balms on Walmart and Target supermarkets were based o a petroleum jelly base and had not been significantly modified in almost a century. More natural oils were noted to be more effective in helping your lips to be protected from wind and other outside factors and EOS decided to use these oils as the base of their product, despite the higher cost of doing so. As such, shea butter and jojoba oil are the base of many of the EOS lip balms.

The quality of the lip balm was not only a complaint of the buyers of lip balm, but also their flavor. EOS started to create flavors of lip balm that didn’t taste like vapor rub and had unique flavor pairings like vanilla mint.

These flavors, as well as the clever orbs that they were housed in, proved to be a real hit with the Facebook active millennial and the brand was able to gain a foothold in the lip balm industry.


How EOS Became One of Top Selling Lip Balm Brands in the Country

We’ve all seen them, those little round, pastel-colored eggs. They are everywhere, from beauty blogs to Kim K’s purse, and almost all major merchandisers carry them. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, the lip balm that took the industry by storm in just seven years to become the one of the best selling lip balms in the country, second only to Burt’s Bees.

But how did they do it?

Before now, the strategy of EOS lip balm has been mostly a mystery, but in an exclusive interview with Fast Company, the co-founders revealed their multi-tiered marketing strategy to make EOS a success.

Sanjiv Mehra, managing partner, teamed up with co-founders Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to create the happy little lip balm eggs we’ve all come to know and love.

The first part of their strategy involved devising a method to change up the lip balm industry, an industry that has remained largely unchanged for about 100 years. Everyone is familiar with the little tubes that brands like Chapstick and Blistex come in, and most competing lip balms are packaged in the same manner. So EOS set out to set themselves apart without coming off as a gimmick or a passing fad.

Another key part of their technique involved market research to find a demographic. While lip balm is typically packaged and marketed as a unisex product, women are the primary purchasers. With this information in hand, the team set a target demographic of millennial women.

But finding a buyer for their product wasn’t easy. The team finally caught their big break when a purchaser from Walgreens decided to give them a shot, and it wasn’t long after that big brands like Lucky Vitamin,  Target, ULTA and Wal-Mart ( also picked up the fun little lip balm orbs.

Find out more about EOS from Fast Company’s interview.