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The Governor Of Louisiana Issues Executive Order To Put The Religious Freedom Act In Place

Governor Bobby Jindal Order Goes Against The Legislators Vote To Reject The Act

Here we go again. Another governor wants to push his bigoted ideas on the voters. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana went out of his way to issue an executive order than puts the Religious Freedom Act on the state books for 60 days.Jindal is one of the governors that believes same-sex marriages break God’s law.

Keith Mann ( has found that the order that Jindal put in place is an amended version of the original bill, but the message is the same. Jindal says religious liberty is trumps equal rights. In June, the Supreme Court will have something to say about that message. The way it looks now, Jindal won’t be happy when he hears what the Supreme Court says about same-sex marriages.

Jindal’s order gives businesses the right to discriminate against the LGBT community. The governor’s personal and religious beliefs are influencing his political decision making, and that is dangerous for him and his constituents.

Louisiana will feel the pressure that Indiana felt recently when they passed the Religious Freedom Act. The state will lose money, and a lot of friends around the country that love the “Big Easy for being easy and free.”