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The Lung Institute, Innovative Stem Cell Procedures

Lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), kill thousands of people a year throughout the world. In fact, it has been predicted that by 2020, COPD will take over as the third leading cause of disease related deaths worldwide. Several lung diseases, including COPD, BPD, IPF and asthma cannot be cured. Patients have to rely on lung transplantation for permanent relief. Unfortunately, the availability of donor lungs are very scarce and the body’s rejection rate for lung transplants remains high. However, on a positive note, stem cell therapy treatment may be an answer. Stem cell therapy is a procedure that integrates adult stem cells into the affected tissue.

The Lung Institute is a leader in stem cell therapy, treating each client’s case as unique. There are currently four Lung Institutes in the United States with locations in Pittsburgh, Tampa, Scottsdale and Nashville. The procedure implemented by the Lung Institute consists of withdrawing and then separating stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow or blood. The cells are then reintroduced into the body where they settle into the patient’s lungs, helping to reduce inflammation.

The Lung Institute offers a two part, innovative stem cell procedure called bone marrow treatment and blood  (venous)treatment. On the first day, a tiny amount of bone marrow fluid is collected from the patient and on day two, a blood sample is collected using an IV. After the samples are carefully separated and processed, the clinicians intravenously return the cells to the patient to induce healing.

According, the Lung Institute makes certain that their patients are well informed about the procedure, and they are more than willing to answer any questions that may arise. The Institute team provides their patients with follow up treatment. Follow up treatment is performed at two weeks, three months and six months after the procedure.

Although there is no cure for COPD, the majority of patients who receive stem cell therapy show an improvement in the quality of their lives.

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