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Some of My Favorite Movies

We all fell in love with the best Denzel Washington movies as he first debut his acting abilities in the movie Flesh and Blood. The now filmmaker has stared in over a dozen films. Glory, Training day, the book of Eli, and his most recent film staring Viola Davis Fences. In Fences, Denzel Washington acts as a sanitation worker who had dreams of becoming a baseball player. He tries to be a great father and husband but his family life is threatened. He makes a decision that is well worth going to the theatre to see with family.


Next is the Disney channel as it continues to be one of the top sources for children’s entertainment some shows include K.C. Undercover, A.N.T farm, and Bunk’d. One of the current Disney shows is Girl Meets World. It is a spin off from boy meets world back in the day. Riley who is the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews faces many life lessons. However, her father is going to play an ideal role in her life as a history teacher.


Finally, this Oscar nominated actor continues to thrive on the big screen. He has received many awards proving that he belongs in the elite group in Hollywood. Some of his many films include: the dark knight, seven, and million dollar baby. Now you see me is among one of the fans favorite movies which stars Morgan Freeman. This magical film is about an FBI agent and detective trying to take down a team of illusionists.