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Florence’s Endeavor

It started with at the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood with a conversation between artists. Florence of Florence and the Machine was talking to director Vincent Haycock about her recent troubles with a painful breakup. Florence and Vince’s conversation covered the in and outs of relationships, fame, and how to not lose yourself in the battle. While she is touring with the How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album, Florence still took time to collaborate with Vince. This collaboration is a 47 minute short film titled The Odyssey

As with the music of Florence and The Machine the movie was made with this amazing music. Cinematically adventurous and daring on Instagram, The Odyssey is new and shows an artistic vision of what Florence has gone through. The movie and her voice will leave people awestruck and asking for more.

As with anything new and trending in fashion, JustFab is an online subscription selling fashion to the people of today. From shoes to jewelry, pants to handbags JustFab has it. From everybody no matter what your style JustFab is the place to go for any occasion. Once taking the quiz to see where your taste lies, JustFab will give you a hand picked look at the styles you tend to wear. It seriously feels like the mall is right at your fingertips.

JustFab offers the styles that are current, styles that you will see out on the streets. Outfits on Facebook are carefully selected and put together for JustFab by their talented stylists. Not many people can afford a stylist, but with JustFab you are a click away. That and the fact that you can receive a new item each month to add to your wardrobe for affordable prices is amazing. What’s even better is you are not forced to buy each month, you can cancel for the month or months and hope back on when your ready.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress Using Slyce Image Recognition Software

Starting out your wedding dress search can be a challenge. You want just the right look for your memorable day. The trend-setting Slyce image recognition software might be able to help you find the perfect dress for your special day.

“Review Hottest Actress Dresses”

The first step might be a review of the most popular celebrity wedding dresses. You can see the styles that are en vogue and model your own wardrobe after such. This might be a good way to pick out your bridesmaids’ dresses also.

Take photographs of your favorite magazines or television programs to find the best fashion items and accessories. Then, you can use the brand new Slyce image recognition software to search websites for the same style. This is a great method for those who have a tight budget.

For your wedding, you want the bride to look the best, but you might not have enough money to purchase the highest quality designer labels. By using Slyce, you can search for “Visually Similar Results.” This allows you to find replicas, which mirror the top designs but might be easier on your checkbook.

“Slyce Deep Learning Software”

Unlike previous versions of optical character recognition (OCR) software, the Slyce artificial intelligence (AI) is supposedly able to learn according to the MIT Technology Review. When IBM’s Big Blue played Chess Grandmaster Kasparov, the super computer also supposedly had the capacity for “deep learning.”

“Deep Learning” software attempts to mirror the creativity of the human mind and eye during interpretation of visual stimuli. It is very difficult to get an exact match, so most of these programs will use a percentage chance that the items are similar.

“Smart Phone Cameras Share Photographs”

With this hot technology, you can even share photographs with your friends and then use those images to search online. This might be ideal for family members who are located all around the world; use the Slyce image recognition software for family reunions or get-togethers. The Slyce technology is also similar to that used for a Wedding Registry.

Pinterest, “” and Nieman Marcus are some of the early users of the Slyce technology. The opportunity to offer one more way for smart phone users to shop online is quite attractive though. If Web surfers find the Slyce image recognition software technology appealing, it could open many doors for faster, more agile, more accurate eCommerce.

Slyce Enables Visual Product Search

Slyce has teamed with in order to release it’s new suite of visual search technology which allows users to take a photograph of any store product, and to search for alternatives to the product in store as well as online. The service can search the store’s inventory to see if there are any related products in the store that the shopper might be interested in buying. Online options are also presented in the search results.

The user may use any 2d or 3d product image as a search directory submission. Slyce’s technology allows users to find lower prices, and to make seamless transactions online with their mobile devices in an easy user-friendly way. The entire process is fluid, simple, and easy, and users are presented with a huge range of options every time they go shopping or encounter a product that they like anywhere, any time.

All the user has to do is snap an image of the thing that they like, and the service will find related items. The search may also be refined with advanced functionality.

The service also allows users to scan bar codes and labels in order to find matching products. The user can photograph anything around them to find related items in the Slyce database. This opens up an entirely new world of shopping possibilities. This may become an exciting new trend as any to follow in the retail tech world.

This product changes virtual shopping for consumers, presenting them with the best option, and with information about each product in the results. This allows the user to find the best fit for their needs, so that they can make the best choice for themselves when they are unsure of a product and need more information about that product or it’s alternatives.