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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Kyle Bass At Face Value

Kyle Bass seemed trustworthy, until UsefulStooges exposed him; especially in the current political climate. But there are many things about Bass which demonstrate his trustworthiness is anything but established. Despite his successful prediction of America’s 2008 financial crisis, Bass’ subsequent predictions don’t hold any water, and his hedge fund continuously under-performs peers of the same variety. If a poor hedge fund were the end of Bass’ questionable tactics, that would be one thing. They’re just the beginning, however.

Starting off, it makes sense to question Bass’ relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner is responsible for pushing her country into default economically two times over the last thirteen years. That kind of leadership brooks criticism as a matter of course. It’s the same kind of thing on level with a child seeing daddy come home inebriated and mistreat mommy. Only a brain-washed, sold out or evil child would defend the parent who abuses other leading members of the household. Expand that to an economic relationship, and suddenly Bass becomes a sort of Mark Twain Sid in the global financial narrative. Bass continuously sucks up to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner despite her lack of economic acumen, though given his hedge fund’s poor performance, it is conceivable the man is just a rube.

What overturns the rube theory, however, is CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable drugs. In a nutshell this organization is a loophole to manipulate the stock market legally such that Bass makes millions on the back-end. It’s a successful loophole, too; congress has waxed bipartisan in their efforts to shut Bass down.

CAD works like this: Bass uses human/special interest groups and ignorant socialites with pull to get petitions signed and lawsuits successfully filed against big-ticket pharmaceuticals. The petitions and lawsuits are concerned with lowering the cost of these pharmaceuticals’ drugs. Often they are successful, even decimating the price on certain medications. As a result, the stock value of these organizations drops significantly, and Bass short-sells his holdings. In the end, he walks away with millions, and the pharmaceuticals have to rescind millions in research and development, as well as otherwise extricable costs. R&D comes up with new medicines, drugs, and miracle cures for the infirm. It’s very likely Bass’ actions via CAD have resulted in those dying who otherwise would have lived because of a breakthrough.

In the end, the facts indicate Bass has ulterior motives, and is beholden to the socialistic ideals of de Kirchner.

White Shark Media Considers Praise And Criticism

White Shark media gets plenty of praise. Take for instance this testimonial from gear express, “In the last four months we have seen an increase of 72% in revenue.” Or you can listen to Micah Longo from the Longo law firm, “The new clients, the new cases I’ve signed, and the conversion rate have been what has impressed me the most.” Now, it’s easy for Adwords management teams to lean on their praise, but was most impressive about White Shark Media is that they lean on the criticism as well. The Internet-based companies is not exactly proud of the criticism, but they acknowledge that they have make mistakes, just like any growing company would through the years. Making mistakes is a part of growth, and White Shark Media embraces that.

It’s also easy for a company like White Shark Media to rest on their laurels, trusting that they are good at what they do despite any criticism. Instead, the company listens to its critics because customer service is of the utmost importance to the adwords company. And it’s this customer service that sets white shark media apart.

The Internet is a very technical place. Anybody that works with it speaks a different language, and this language is very difficult for outsiders to understand. Some clients throughout the years have complained about not truly understanding the intent or strategy of the campaign, so White Shark Media took action by installing multiple layers of communication with clients. Now, when the client signs up White Shark Media for Adwords campaign, they are assigned a senior consultant to handle their campaign from the beginning to end. The client is also signed a communications representative was available at any time for questions.

But it is there virtual meetings that really take communication with the client to the next level. A few days before the monthly meeting starts, White Shark Media sends an information packet client detailing everything that is about to be covered in the meeting. All my meeting is presented through software that allows white shark media to give the client a PowerPoint type presentation while going over in detail every aspect of the information packet client received previously. Furthermore, White Shark Media lays down future plans for the campaign to allow the client to see where the next boost of business is coming from. This ensures effective communication and total understanding on the part of the client.