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Your Kids Should Go To Next Level Lacrosse Camp For Training

If you are a lacrosse player, you may be considering going to a lacrosse camp. There are many great reasons to do so. If your looking into lacrosse camps, you are probably curious what camps use effective strategies and which ones don’t. One camp that uses strategies that are likely to drastically boost your playing ability is Next Level Lacrosse Camp, headed up by Jon Urbana, a former star for the Denver Outlaws. The camp is geared for those who live in Colorado, and it is very well known in the state.

Next Level Lacrosse has a number of unique advantages over other lacrosse camps. The people that teach you lacrosse are not simply coaches, but many of them have had experience playing major league lacrosse! And there is no better teacher of lacrosse than Villanova lacrosse defender, Jon Urbana. His teaching style is very engaging, and striking improvements have been reported from going to the camp. Some players say it was an important part of their process of becoming a better player on the field.

One of the people who founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp was actually a major league lacrosse player himself! According to the Aviation Business Gazette, Jon Urbana has succeeded as an airplane pilot, an entrepreneur, and a major league lacrosse player. This extensive experience, along with a passion for tweets through his @jonurbana1 handle, helps him to be an extraordinary coach to anyone who goes to Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

Urbana said in a website bio that he believes that the best way to learn lacrosse is from a very skilled player. He mirrored these thoughts on a WordPress blog post. For this reason, he has brought other former major league lacrosse players to help him out with coaching at the camp. They have contributed greatly to the efficacy of the camp, and many people can attest to the effectiveness of this Facebook profile posting strategy that is used by Urbana.

Jon also knows how to successfully market the camp to a lot of people. He operates an Instagram account to help spread the word, and photos of the camp during the offseason have done a great deal to help his recruiting efforts.


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He has done more than run the lacrosse camp during his career. He also has had a great deal of success working with Ellipse USA to sell services for skin care. He firmly believes that businesses are most successful when they are well marketed and provide a quality experience. He certainly takes this philosophy with him when managing Next Level Lacrosse.

And he also extends this philosophy to other local organizations like Earth Force, and ARAS. Currently running online fundraisers for both of these nonprofits, Jon invites you to contribute any amount of money to either cause.

Donate to Earth Force
Donate to ARAS

Urbana certainly helps to make Next Level Lacrosse a great experience for its guests. His ownership philosophy is laid out neatly in a document he linked us to last week.

However, he is not the only reason why it is a great place to go. He has many other equally skilled players helping the guests to his camp. When you go to Next Level Lacrosse Camp, you are nearly guaranteed to improve as a player. If you are considering going, you can register on the company website right away!

Joseph Bismark Adds Sports Figure To Promotional Lineup

Joseph Bismark, QI Managing Director for QNET has announced Martina Hingis, a former Tennis star, as a brand ambassador for the company.
The announcement was made during the V-UAE, as about 10,000 people attended the conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The conference was also a celebration of the 17th anniversary of the company.

Hingis is a five time Grand Slam winner and a golden ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

“It’s a great honour to be associated with a global brand like QNET whose presence in more than 100 countries speaks volumes of its strength and popularity,” she said.
The list of the company’s sports sponsorship includes Marussia Formula 1 team and the Manchester City Football Club.

Hingis will represent the QNET brand in India and will compete in several events while playing in the Champions Tennis League. She will endorse products and wear QNET clothing while competing.

Bismark is a founding Director of the QI group and CNET. He became group managing director in 2008. He is a spiritual person and likes to combine his spirituality with his work. He has said, “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.”

While many people try to climb the corporate ladder, or start a great business, few achieve their goal. Things like spiritual well being, or happiness and contentment, may not seem too important to that goal, but Bismark has shown that there is a relationship. He brings his spiritual philosophies to the workplace and uses them to encourage others to reach their full potential.

At the age of nine he went to live as a monk in the Ashram mountains of the Philippines. He stayed there until he was 17, and what he learned has followed him since that time. He rose from there to lead his company. He is a person of vision and is team oriented. He also calls himself Japa Das and has published inspirational sayings and literature.

QNET is a direct selling company based in the Philippines, but has operations world wide. The goal of the company is to allow people to start their own business by selling products from QNET, which range from clothing and accessories, to health foods to electronics.

Source: Business Wire

Men’s Shoes are Making a Powerful Statement

Uncomplicated and Bold
Every man can finish up the year 2015 in style. The latest trend for shoes for men is a highly uncomplicated and bold style. This is a simple and classy shoe style that will let the real man shine through. Leather shoes will make a statement on for every man. Your shoe or boot has the ability to show off your personality in every way. This fall and winter season every man can keep their shoes straight forward without the fuss or fluff. The color of your shoes can be as subtle as you are. A high quality shoe that is uncomplicated and bold is a powerful statement that any man can make.

Shoes for Comfort and Style
Every man deserves a shoe that is stylish and comfortable. Your weekend shoes don’t need to be uncomfortable and dull. Look and feel great with a pair of classy boots or shoes. Comfort in every shoe is something that every man deserves. Nice fall and winter colors will keep you in step with the rest. A higher top boot may be the style for the weekend kick back style. The weekend nights out will need to be in stylish and clever comfort.

Paul Evans Italian Leather Shoes
Paul Evans Shoes offer Italian calfskin leather that is never out of style. Comfort and quality that is always the trend. Luxury men’s shoes are made in Italy and are designed in New York. This is a great combination that will allow every man to enjoy an uncomplicated style with a bold and powerful statement.

Quality and Price Matter
A high quality and classy shoe needs to come with a good price. A comfortable shoe offers every man exceptional benefits. The right price with superior products are the key ingredients that really matter and cannot be omitted. Reap the benefits of stylish men’s shoes that come with a fair price.

The Dorchester Collection: Striving for Luxury and Excellence

The Dorchester Collection is a luxury hotel company that manages 10 five star hotels located in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Switzerland, and Italy. The Dorchester Collection began in 1987 when Hassanal Bolkiah bought the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel. In 2006 the Dorchester Collection was officially established to manage some of the world’s leading luxury hotels. Dorchester Collection is dedicated to their vision of passion for excellence and innovation and to honor each individual iconic hotel and its heritage.

Each of the Dorchester Collection’s hotels has its own original character accented by contemporary styling and state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities range from the service to the decadent restaurants. These restaurants are award winning and feature everything from afternoon tea to a modern grill.

The Dorchester Collection even offers relaxing spas to its guests. Here guests will be pampered where 1930s Art Deco glamour meets a modern contemporary edge that is inspired by the iconic British style only the Dorchester Collection can offer. Guests can enjoy signature facials, aromatherapy, relaxation rooms and aromatic steam rooms. The Dorchester Collection also offers a fitness studio with full weight sets.

Each of the Dorchester Collection’s 10 hotels is outstandingly located near key destinations in each locations city. In addition to the outside view, Dorchester Collection hotels seek to embody the culture of the city to provide guests the feel of the city both inside and out.

The Dorchester Collection is not a stagnant company and is constantly seeking to improve for its guests. Dorchester Collection is hoping to expand to manage 15 luxury hotels very soon. From its founding in 1987 and 2006, the Dorchester Collection has brought new meaning to the words luxury hotel offering state-of-the-art facilities, guest service, a spa and fitness studio. The Dorchester Collection has certainly lived up to their vision of passion for excellence and innovation and to honor each individual iconic hotel and its heritage. Be sure to like The Dorchester Collection on their Facebook!