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Besty DeVos- The Mother Theresa of Philanthropy

Recently, President Donald Trump, selected Betsy DeVos to be the education secretary. DeVos is a billionaire philanthropist who chairs a company that deals with investments in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Dick Devos, Betsy’s husband, was the former president at Amway, a marketing firm established by his father and which is responsible for the fortune of the DeVos family. The philanthropy efforts of the DeVos family date back a few decades. The reputation of the DeVos family ranks next to that of the Kochs as one of the most renowned conservative funders, injecting millions into leadership institutes, legal groups, and a variety of think tanks.

DeVos Support for School Choice Organizations

One of my favorite philanthropic activities by Betsy is the DeVos Family Foundation which she co-chairs with Dick. The Foundation is located in Michigan, the home of the DeVos family. The foundation supports a charter high school that has an aviation program, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school was founded in 2010. The family also funds two Christian schools and a trust that provides scholarships for the needy (The Education Freedom Fund).

DeVos Foundation has also provided funding for the FEE (Foundation For Excellence in Education), and the AFC (American Federation for Children). Betsy is also a chair person at AFC which is linked to the Alliance for School Choice, an initiative that has receive massive support from the Walton Foundation. AFC also has close ties to ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) and other school choice organizations and think tanks.

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DeVos’ Support for Conservative Organizations

DeVos is among the board members of the American Enterprise Institute that deals with public policy. The DeVos foundation gave $750,000 to the think-tank in 2015, and approved $1 million for future funding towards the institute. The DeVos Foundation has also given $10,000 to the Institute for Justice, a law firm that has dealt with school choice cases throughout the country. Additionally, Betsy DeVos has contributed $6,500 to Intercollegiate Institute, a company that promotes conservative ideas.

DeVos’ Support for Christian Groups

I consider Betsy DeVos a religious woman and a true believer of the adage ” blessed is the hand that giveth”. Her efforts of supporting Christian groups can be seen through her contribution to the Grand Rapids Christian Association, the Rehoboth Christian Association, Christian Schools International, and the Ada Christian Society.

DeVos’ Support for Art

DeVos’ has also demonstrated her love for art in her contributions to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, where she donated $25,000. Betsy has also given to other similar programs such as the Boy Scouts of America, and the Art Prize Grand Rapids

Betsy DeVos is no doubt one of the most recognized philanthropists in American history. Although her donations have been mainly focused on education programs, she has not hesitated to give towards other initiatives. DeVos work in philanthropy is a legacy that shall be viewed alongside the 20th Century history of America. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Joseph Bismark Adds Sports Figure To Promotional Lineup

Joseph Bismark, QI Managing Director for QNET has announced Martina Hingis, a former Tennis star, as a brand ambassador for the company.
The announcement was made during the V-UAE, as about 10,000 people attended the conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The conference was also a celebration of the 17th anniversary of the company.

Hingis is a five time Grand Slam winner and a golden ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

“It’s a great honour to be associated with a global brand like QNET whose presence in more than 100 countries speaks volumes of its strength and popularity,” she said.
The list of the company’s sports sponsorship includes Marussia Formula 1 team and the Manchester City Football Club.

Hingis will represent the QNET brand in India and will compete in several events while playing in the Champions Tennis League. She will endorse products and wear QNET clothing while competing.

Bismark is a founding Director of the QI group and CNET. He became group managing director in 2008. He is a spiritual person and likes to combine his spirituality with his work. He has said, “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.”

While many people try to climb the corporate ladder, or start a great business, few achieve their goal. Things like spiritual well being, or happiness and contentment, may not seem too important to that goal, but Bismark has shown that there is a relationship. He brings his spiritual philosophies to the workplace and uses them to encourage others to reach their full potential.

At the age of nine he went to live as a monk in the Ashram mountains of the Philippines. He stayed there until he was 17, and what he learned has followed him since that time. He rose from there to lead his company. He is a person of vision and is team oriented. He also calls himself Japa Das and has published inspirational sayings and literature.

QNET is a direct selling company based in the Philippines, but has operations world wide. The goal of the company is to allow people to start their own business by selling products from QNET, which range from clothing and accessories, to health foods to electronics.

Source: Business Wire

Investment Management Leading To Economic Growth

Financial management has led to increase in economic development of many countries. Finance stands as one of the main key pillars in structural development. Many countries have invested a lot in the field of finance management with the aim of maximizing on the projected income. Financial management firms have emerged and are working towards developing different business entities. Asset financing is taking a turn to the best since many people across the world have invested a lot in entrepreneurship. This is because people are accessing low interest loans for investment with reduced terms and conditions. The loans are repaid over a long period of time thus giving people the window to maximize on the profit outcome. Through financial management, many institutions have developed and are offering financial services to the entire business fraternity. Many people have opted to venture in business as a source of livelihood. Business development is the economic backbone of many different countries. Countries depend on business as the source of employment for most of their citizens since there are no employment opportunities for the increasing number of population. Countries have invested a lot in the financial management firms with the aim of maximizing on the available market space. Due to this, many people have developed interest in the financial management platforms. Through these platforms, many professionals have undertaken the initiative of developing financial capital management firms to greater levels.

James Dondero on twitter is one of the leading capital investment personalities in the United States of America. Due to his interest in the investment management, he has generated more admiration from different quarters that have benefited a lot in the hedge fund management. He established the Highland Capital Management in 1993 and has led the company to be among the most respected firms in the United States of America. James Dondero is the current president of the Highland Capital Management and has scaled the company to be among the leading investment firm in the world. Highland Capital Management is a financial investment firm that deals with hedge funds and structural investment. It also deals with leverage and acquisition of assets and properties. This allows for companies to purchase assets with increased security on any given property. The company also offers financial management education to its clients. Through this education, the clients are able to invest their personal finance in the appropriate manner. This also allows them to plan for the future like investing in structural development which includes building commercials house for business. They can also invest in income generating activities like entrepreneurship or pension schemes. James Dondero has successfully led the company through greater heights. Through this, the company has developed umbrella branches in London, Singapore and New York. The company has a diverse number of clients which includes the corporate institutions, pension firms and governments. For instance, governments are the major beneficiaries in this field since they can acquire funds from the investment firms for structural development. The loans given to governments are of low interest rates and repayment period is always more than one year.

Lawyers in Brazil: How to Select the Best Lawyer for Business Litigation

Are you dealing with a legal matter in Brazil? Looking for information on how to find the right lawyer in Brazil for business litigation?

Finding the best lawyer or law firm for your situation can be the difference between getting a favorable outcome and losing the case.

Find a lawyer with a lot of experience in the area of law you need help with. There are many areas of legal expertise. Not hiring the right lawyer can bring about a disappointing outcome. Don’t choose a personal injury lawyer for a business litigation; don’t hire a tax lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit.

There many ways to find a good lawyer in Brazil. Start by getting recommendations from your family, colleagues and friends. Other professionals like your accountant or family physician may be able to recommend a good lawyer who can help you with your legal problem. Use all available reliable resources to gather a list of potential lawyers so you can compare them and choose one that is best for your situation.

Another great resource for finding lawyers is the Bar Association or a reputable professional organization. These offices can help direct you to the right resource for finding a good lawyer in Brazil. You can perform a search engine search to find lawyers in Brazil. Some resources will even allow you to search for lawyers by location or specialty.

Review and compare your potential lawyer’s track record. You need a lawyer who has a high rate of success. Conduct an online search on your prospective lawyer. Look for reviews, and news items about the lawyer’s past cases, awards, honors, references, client comments, and peer ratings from other lawyers. Check out the lawyer’s website, but make sure you cross-check.

Lawyer client communications are essential. Meet with your potential lawyer. Do you feel comfortable and at ease? Has the lawyer addressed your concerns? Explained the legal fee structure clearly? Has he or she explained everything you need to know?

It is important to have a good understanding of the fee basis and an idea of what the representation will cost you, so that you can plan your budget appropriately. Lawyers can charge hourly, on contingency, or a flat fee, depending on the nature of the case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business litigation. As one of the most reputable litigators in the Brazilian legal system, Mr Ricardo Tosto has represented some of the largest coporations and companies, as well as public figures, in Brazil. He is well experienced, dedicated and produces excellent results. Mr Ricardo Tosto operates his own law firm in Brazil.