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Modern Innovation Used by Pet Food Makers

Freshpet Inc. is an upcoming pet food manufacturer operating in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is the only company supplying pet food which is refrigerated. In an industry that has more than $20 billion of investment, Freshpet is among a group of fast developing innovators across this industry that is attracting many pet owners. The executives of the company believe the quality of their products is the best because they only use fresh ingredients, preservative and limits the time in which meals are stored before being supplied. For many years, pet food manufacturers have been providing organic grain-free meals, but today they are abandoning this tradition due to competition brought by new innovators in the market. Colgate-Palmolive has a brand of dog meal that can help the pets to lose weight. Another company, Nestle Purina has designed a website where pet owners are allowed to choose nutrition content for pet meals they want to use. Mars Petcare, another dog food manufacturer has a Nutro Farm’s Harvest brand that is made ingredients with full content nutrients. These pet food makers are trying to bring into the industry the latest innovation that pet owners have always desired.
An overview of Beneful
Nestle Purina Petcare is the manufacturer of Beneful, a brand of several pet meals like dry dog food, wet dog food as well as dog treats. Beneful is considered by analysts as the brand that has generated more revenue to Nestle Purina as compared to other brands. Beneful was manufactured and offered to the market at the beginning of new millennium. The manufactured marketed the brand focusing on its nutrition content and appearance. Nestle Purina made history by paying $34 million in 2001, as TV advertising expenses. Five years later after introducing Beneful in the market, it was able to generate $300 million in revenues. In 2006, Nestle Purina spent more than $35 million to upgrade its production facility so that it can produce more wet meals. Beneful is an exclusive dog food manufacturer as well as various snacks. In 2010, Beneful introduced IncrediBites, a packaging that made food to stay fresh.