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Charles Koch Debates Fighting Donald Trump Over Republican Presidential Nomination

Charles Koch is the co-owner, chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, which produces a wide range of industrial and consumer products. He and David Koch each own 42% of the company.

With his younger brother, David, he is also deeply involved in politics, supporting the Republican Party from a libertarian perspective. They support smaller government and more economic freedom.

Like most of the rest of the world, he badly underestimated Donald Trump.

And he deeply disagrees with Trump on such important issues as taxes, trade and foreign policy. He believes Trump’s proposed registry of Muslims would, as he told a reporter, “destroy our free society.”

His dislike of a potential Trump presidency is so deep he doesn’t know who he would support if Trump runs against Hillary Clinton. And Koch is no friend of Hillary’s.

What’s more, Trump is upsetting political plans Koch has been working on for years. He and his brother have been power brokers inside the Republican Party, using their money to promote their agenda. Through their Super PAC and their network of donors, they have $900 million dollars to spend electing a Republican president this year.

But Trump has his own wealth, and his own agenda.

Koch is also on record as disagreeing with Cruz’s plan to fight ISIS by carpet-bombing the population. He pointed the United States needed to make the “sea” of Muslim people unfriendly to terrorists, and bombing them wouldn’t accomplish that.

Charles Koch and his brother have dramatically grown the company they inherited from their father. When Koch took it over in 1967, it was worth $50 million. Now it’s worth $100 billion, and is the second largest privately held company in the United States.

According to Forbes Magazine, Charles Koch is the 4th wealthiest billionaire in the United States. And Number 29 on their list of most powerful people.

In 1974 he founded a think tank dedicated to promoting libertarian ideas that became the Cato Institute. Charles Koch has supported the Libertarian Party, but, like Ron Paul, decided it was more practical to work within the Republican Party to advance his principles.

According to an article in Slate, Koch is considering using his huge war chest to defeat Trump before it’s too late to stop the Donald. However, some of his own network supports Trump.

Koch had originally planned to stay out of the primaries, and simply support the candidate who won. But what will he do if that’s Donald Trump?

Read the full article here.

Christies is starting to throw his weight around

New Jersey’s embattled governor Chris Christie entered the largest republican presidential field in recent history. Chris Christie was once a republican favorite, but problems began for his proposed campaign first when Christie seem to appreciate Obama’s visit after the hurricane that devastated New Jersey as well as many other east coast areas. Then his office was implicated in the closing of a major thoroughfare as political payback preventing thousands from accessing New York during rush hour. Christie claims no knowledge of the incident, but even this response means that either he knew or is unable to effectively manage his job as governor.

Jim Dondero is aware that the governor is known for his brashness. Like other republican entrants, they claim that America needs some tough talk because America is doing way worse than people think. This untenable position is not reflected in any official statistics. Real credible measures of America’s success all point toward a recovering, robust economy, and Obama’s poll numbers are reaching Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan status. Additionally, Christie polls near the bottom of even the ineffectual republican field and has a severe weight problem causing him to be likened to impetuous temper tantrum-prone children. However, Christie is betting that he will ascend to his party’s nomination because of the ability to throw epic tantrums at the drop of a hat because of seemingly small questions and incidences.

Bernie Sanders Surging in New Hampshire

While it is true that Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading her opponents in many of the early key states, she is getting some competition from Bernie Sanders, especially in the Granite State. The Vermont senator appears to be catching up with her in the state that provided Clinton with the biggest boost in 2008.

According to the pollsters at the Morning Consult, Bernie Sanders is quickly showing that he might be a more formidable candidate than was once thought. “The margin is much closer in New Hampshire,” the pollmakers wrote. “Among voters who are planning on participating in the primary, 44 percent say they will choose Hillary but 32 percent say they plan on going with Sanders, who is from Vermont.”

Another important fact that this poll cautions about is the fact that President Barack Obama is somewhat unpopular. The poll notes that “any Democrat who is able to secure their party’s nomination may have to deal with an albatross called Barack Obama.” Of course, Sanders has more of an advantage than Hillary or Biden simply because he never worked for the current administration. That’s something anyone at Handy will point out.

Bernie Sanders to Calls for New Version of 40 Hour Work Week

Senator Sanders is looking to co-opt the GOP term “family values” and re-brand it as a new-era 40 hour work week. There has been a lot of pressure over the past several years for businesses to reduce employee work hours to under thirty. This is because the Obamacare employer mandate for employers to provide health care insurance or pay a fine kicks in for employees working 30 hours or more a week. As critics predicted, the effect has transformed the American labor force so that for the first time in US history, the majority of people are part-time workers. Sadly, the number of underemployed people, which are those workers wanting to work more hours, is also at nearly 15% of the labor force.

Now, Senator Bernie Sanders, a 2016 Democrat presidential candidate, wants to enact legislation mandating workers get a 40 hour work week. In addition, employees will get ten paid vacation days and paid time off for maternity leave, which intrigues Jaime Garcia Dias a little. Admittedly, Sanders is of the mindset that all that is required for workers to get the benefits package he idealizes is to mandate it by law and raise taxes on some demographic.

Yet, the plan is certain to resonate with the underemployed. Millennial voters are particularly frustrated because of the lack of full-time work available to them. Another part of the new labor market conditions the senator is seeking is a higher cap on employees eligible for over-time pay. The current ceiling is $23,660 which is largely unchanged since the Carter Administration. Sanders wants to see it raised to $57,000.

Young and Trump

When it comes to presidential candidates and celebrities there are some candidates who receive a lot of support from celebrities that are out there and there are some candidates who receive quite the opposite. Then, there are some candidates who choose to use music from a celebrity as part of their campaign and they are blasted for doing that.

There is a fight going on between Neil Young and Donald Trump after the latter chose to use a song from the former as part of his campaign. It seems that Neil Young doesn’t want to be forced to support Trump in his run by allowing him to use a song that is linked to Young. Daniel Amen agrees it seems that these two have some differences to work out. Neil Young has said that he makes his music for individuals and people, not for political candidates, and it would seem that he has a right to decide what goes on in regard to his music.

It’s Official-Donald Trump Is Running For President

If you didn’t think it was possible to have a president that was so arrogant that they offered to pay off the debt themselves, you may need to adjust your expectations for this year’s candidates. Donald Trump is one of the most pompous men alive. He’s rich and he doesn’t mind telling people just how wealthy he is. He even has volunteered to fund his own campaign. He feels that other candidates spend too much time and resources trying to raise money for the actual campaign. He wants to devote the bulk of his time to speaking to the people. Unfortunately, the people may not like what he has to say.

With most of American’s living in the middle class bracket, they may not like hearing someone talk about all the money they have stated Flavio Maluf. While it’s true that he has worked hard and nothing was handed to him, I am not sure how this mentality is helpful in the Whitehouse. A president needs to be humble and be able to talk to the masses about policy and other issues. He needs to be able to address the nation and to speak during difficult times. When I see Trump, all I see is someone that I want to turn off. He is so cocky that at times he is just unbearable to watch. He hardly shows his human side and is not very personable. Does the man even smile? If you haven’t’ already registered to vote it may be a good time to do so. With Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in the running, this one is going to be interesting.

TPA Bill Collapse in the House – No Vote on Tuesday, Next Vote May be in Late July

On Monday night, House GOP leadership canceled plans to bring up another vote on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in the House. As it currently stands, House Democrats have successfully exploited the Tea Party’s distrust of President Obama to defeat TPA at least for the time being. In all honesty, if the Tea Party did not break ranks with GOP leadership, Republicans alone could have muscled the TPA bill through the House. This is because the party has a strong majority of seats. That said, the Tea Party is angry about President Obama’s past extra-constitutional actions and refuse to grant him additional authority.

The defection of the Tea Party on TPA meant that House Republicans needed upwards of 20 Democrats to back the bill. Christian Broda ( has found that, thus far, Democrat support has proven to be illusive. After Friday’s highly visible defection by Nancy Pelosi on a companion bill to TPA designed to win over Democrat support, House Republicans scheduled another vote for Tuesday. The expectation was that President Obama would re-double his efforts to win his party’s support of the historic free trade agreement. Interestingly enough, it appears that President Obama did no such thing. As a result, Republicans now admit the earliest TPA will come up for another vote is the end of July. That said, there is no plan in place to win over the Democrat opposition. Barring a viable plan to push TPA through the House, the bill is officially dead.

Bernie Sanders Gaining On Hillary In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders is making a real run at Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. He wants to show her and everyone else in the political world that he is serious about his candidacy. It is his contention that this should be a real primary and a real debate of ideas. is now reporting that the Vermont Senator has gained ground on Hillary Clinton in some recent polls out of the ever important state of New Hampshire. His recent bout of media attention may be one of the things that is pushing more recognition of him as a candidate and thus making him better received in the polls states campaign analysts Cláudio Loureiro Heads.

Bernie has a loyal following for sure. The people who are supporting him say that they cannot imagine supporting another candidate. He stands up for the views that they hold dear, and this has proven to be a critically important part of his infrastructure in running his campaign. He wants to inspire people to vote for him and to think beyond what they have received in campaigns past. He knows that his candidacy is different from what most people are seeing with other candidates, and he likes the outsider approach.

Bernie has a strong ground team, and when the debates start, he may be able to close even more ground on his Democratic rival. That part is yet to be seen as the campaign continues on.

Bernie Sanders Cuts Clinton’s Big Wisconsin Lead to Just 8 Points

It may be too early to tell if the Democrat presidential primary has become a legitimate contest, but the results of the Wisconsin Straw Poll are not good news for the Clinton camp. While Hillary Clinton won the poll outright, she came up short of a majority of voters taking in just 49 percent of ballots cast. By contrast, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders became the talk of the town after he came in surprisingly strong at 41 percent, just a mere 8 points behind the presumptive nominee.

For the self-described Socialist Democrat, it was nothing short of good news. He has been working hard to reach out to voters in the Badger state. Well, in all honesty, he hasn’t had to work that hard to reach out to voters as they come to his events numbering in the hundreds. In an official press statement, the aged senator was clearly enthusiastic over the news of his strong second-place finish. Christian Broda knows that it is the first time this election season that he has come within striking distance of overtaking Clinton.

Second Tier candidates can see their political fortunes change overnight by having a single strong showing. Back in 2012, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum stunned pundits by winning the Iowa Caucus. Overnight, he went from a second tier candidate to a serious challenger to Mitt Romney. Before the race was over, Santorum had notched impressive showings in primary races and secured hundreds of delegates. Time will tell if something similar happens to the Sanders campaign.

Scott Walker Heads to Beltway to Build Support for His Looming Campaign

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will spend Tuesday inside the Beltway, an area he previously said is encompassed about by reality. Obviously, the implication is that Washington D.C. is itself out of touch with mainstream America. Still, the city is the power base for both parties and as such, he will need to court GOP support in the city to fund his looming presidential campaign. Walker has the support of fellow Wisconsinite Paul Ryan, the GOP’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee. Sam Tabar has learned that Ryan will be presenting the governor to a group of as many as four score Republican lawmakers in the morning.

By the afternoon, Walker, the son of a preacher, will be schmoozing with the pro-life groups Concerned Women for America (CWA) and Susan B. Anthony List. Despite the governor’s high profile battles with big labor unions and the Democrat Party apparatus, some conservatives are unfamiliar with him. The event will allow them to see his human side which one member of the CWA said was essential to decide whether to support him. The governor will also meet with trade lobbyists and K street powerbrokers as well.

Critics of Walker are saying he spends too little time in his home state managing affairs. It is the reality of time constraints that anyone holding a current office faces as they mount a presidential election regardless of party affiliation. Still, Walker has many enemies in Wisconsin over his successful curtailing of public sector collective bargaining rights.