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The Trumpster Announces He’s Running for President in 2016

Donald Trump announced that he will be running for president on Thursday, and this has raised some eyebrows around Washington and New York. When he was asked what platform he intended to take, he simply said “My ultimate goal is to make this country great again!” and there is no doubt that this is his bottom line, but the news media has accused him of “trolling.”

Keith Mann recalls when the billionaire tossed the idea of presidency around in 2012, and vocally entertaining the idea of jumping into the political arena. McKay Coppins interviewed Trump and believes that he is seeking validation from the political arena as many others believe also.

Coppins accused Trump of trolling during the interview, implying that this was his MO. t Trump was not aware of the term, so Coppins replied that trolling is saying or doing things to provoke people. After careful consideration, Trump replied that trolling wasn’t his ultimate goal, but he admitted that he does enjoy provoking people.

Donald Trump has some strong views about people, both in the country and out, the Mexican, Chinese and even the terrorists where he claims that they are rich, and they are my competition! Trump has been toying with the idea of political office for a quarter of a century, only to back down while eating up all the media time in the process. The news is not being duped again, and there has been little attention given to the Trumpster and his decision.