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Freshman Senator Joni Ernst to Deliver GOP Response on After State of the Union

Hershey, Pennsylvania – Freshman Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa has been tasked with giving the party’s response following President Obama’s penultimate State of the Union address. It is a high honor especially for someone has will have been in office barely a fortnight by the time she delivers the response. Despite her being proverbially “wet behind the ears”, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there was no finer choice to deliver the message at this time. He went on to explain that the midterm elections were about changing the course of the nation and Ernst is indicative of that change.

Ernst captured the open Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Tom Harkin who had previously won five senate terms. However, Harkin saw the writing on the wall and decided against seeking a sixth term. Ernst steamrolled her Democrat challenger Bruce Braley winning 52.2% of the vote against his 43.7%. For her part, Ernst became the first female senator from Iowa and the first female veteran to serve in the senate. She held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve.

While addressing reporters at the GOP retreat, Ernst mentioned how she has come a long way from the culture of rural Iowa. Her campaign ads featured her castrating hogs. Needless to say, her down home ads drew national attention. Ernst also added that she is humbled at the honor bestowed upon her. The GOP is making an outreach to minorities in an effort to win a larger share of their votes ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Bernardo Chua looks forward to seeing how it all turns out.

Conservatives Voice their Reasons for Opposing Another Romney Nomination

Not every Republican is meeting the news of Romney potentially mounting another presidential run with enthusiasm. Here are five reasons being cited for not wanting the former Massachusetts governor to seek the party´s nomination in 2016:

  1. The party is likely to field a wide range of presidential hopefuls for the upcoming election. This eliminates the need to having to bring back the prior nominee.
  2. The time is right for a bona fide conservative to seek the nomination. In fact, conservatives are looking for a candidate that will push for a hard right agenda much the same as liberals want the puritanically progressive Elizabeth Warren to seek the presidency. Conservatives feel the party always nominates moderates which strategy has failed in the past two election cycles.
  3. Romney is a two-time loser having lost the nomination in 2008, and the presidency in 2012. They do not believe he will be able to run his campaign any different this time around. As such, there is no compelling reason for him to run.
  4. Conservatives believe Romney’s focus is too business-oriented at the expense of an evolving electorate that wants a less involved government.
  5. His inability to beat Obama is proof he is unable to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Should Romney win the nomination once more, he will need to secure the conservative base. All complaints aside, the truth is the 4 million conservatives who sat out the 2012 election were enough to have given Romney the victory. Tom Rothman agrees in his Columbia Law article.

O’Dowd Says Goodbye to Governor’s Office

Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd, as one of the many trusted men of Governor Chris Christie, Christian Broda says is planning to leave his position to be the next executive vice president and chief administrative personnel at Cooper University Health Care.

Last December Governor Christie had his eyes on O’Dowd to be the next New Jersey Attorney General. But there was no formal nomination happened. This was due to the George Washington Bridge scandals that made the administration busy and his appointment was put on hold. O’Dowd was not faulted of any wrongdoings on the said scandal but is prone to questioning according to the Republican lawyers.

Whether or not this influenced his decision is up for debate, but O’Dowd has claimed that it really hasn’t.

O’Dowd has strong records of good management. Governor Christie has high regards to him saying that his Chief of Staff is dedicated, competent and knowledgeable and will surely excel in any path he will chose. He has been working with O’Dowd for 11 years. When Governor Christie was the US Attorney, O’Dowd had worked in his office.

At the end of the month Regina Egea will be the one to take over the position as Chief of Staff at the governor’s office. O’Dowd, in his speech, said that he is excited to join the Cooper team and to face his new chosen career.

First Republican Presidential Debate Date Already Set

CNN is reporting that on the eve of the midterm elections there is already a date set for the first Republican presidential debate. It will be televised on September 16, 2015, at the Reagan Library in California.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan said, “I can’t think of a better way to honor my husband than to keep the tradition of Reagan Library-hosted debates alive.”

Sean Spicer of the Republican National Committee is on record as saying that the number of primary debates will be limited in the coming presidential election cycle. The 2012 debates were so contentious that they caused rifts in the Republican Party from what Haftel can remember.

Thus far no Republicans have announced candidacy for the 2016 presidential election although many possible contenders have campaigned for midterm candidates. Republican Senator Rand Paul has made robocall recordings for a Florida Republican and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey made several trips to Iowa in support of Republican candidates. They are both regarded as possible frontrunners in 2016 should they decide to run.