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The Rise Of Brian Bonar As A Financial Executive

The finance field has always been fascinating to many people. A good number of these people are dazzled with the success of individuals in the industry such as Brian Bonar. Brian is a renowned finance executive having amassed extensive experience in financial matters.

He is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Apart from managing large firms, Brian is also associated with founding several companies and guiding them into the path of greatness.

Brain Bonar, as a young boy, was passionate about various things. He succeeded in almost everything that he invested his time in. His passion for gaining knowledge in diverse fields saw him develop an excellent academic background. The finance executive is a trained mechanical engineer with an undergraduate degree from James Watt Technical College.

He also holds a Stafford University’s Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Brian Bonar started his management career at IBM in 1969. Here, he worked as a procurement officer. In this position, Brian played an instrumental role in spearheading the outsourcing of IBM’s motherboards.

In the process, he saved the firm millions of dollars in operational overheads. In 1985, Brian Bonar made a career switch from IBM to QMS. Here, he served as the director of engineering. Brian’s new position gave him the chance to manage over 100 engineers involved in developing hardware and software for QMS. He stayed with the company for about 4 years.

With his previous experience at QMS and IBM, Rastek Corporation quickly recruited him in 1989 as their vice president in charge of sales and marketing. For Brian, this was an opportunity to tackle problems in a new field.

Before long, he had established himself as a visionary executive. His tenure saw Rastek increase their sales of printing technology worldwide. He joined Adaptec in 1993 where he served for one year as the sales manager.

With his years of experience in management and his engineering background, Brian made his first attempt at entrepreneurship in 1994 when he started Bezier Systems. The company specialized in printing technology and was able to launch the world’s first SCSI-based printers. He served as the CEO of the company between 1994 and 1995. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

According to LinkedIn, At Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian is charged with the duty of managing the business’s policies and plans. His primary duty is to ensure that the company continues to grow. Dalrada Financial Corporation provides businesses with various services that are aimed at improving their efficiency.

The outstanding managerial abilities of Brian Bonar have seen Cambridge Publishers name him Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance in 2010. This makes him one of the most respected executives in the financial world.