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How Qnet Runs Its Business in an Outstanding Manner.

Qnet is a Hong Kong based direct selling and multi-level marketing firm, which is managed by the QI Group. The company was previously called GoldQuest, QuestNet and QI Limited. They distribute an assortment of products, which include personal care, weight management, energy giving, nutritional, home care, fashion products, and fine jewelry. The company was founded in 1998 by a group of passionate young entrepreneurs, who wanted to use direct selling and marketing to better people’s lives. Qnet markets its products on the company website and uses independent representatives to sell them. Payment of the distributors depends on the volume of good that they sell to the consumers. The company has been in business for 16 years, but it is relatively new compared to larger companies that have been strongly dominating the industry for many decades. Their products are mainly focused on promoting the health and lifestyle of consumers across the planet.

The company’s commodities are of high quality, and a strict procedure is followed when testing new products that they add to their brand. They have an outstanding way of viewing business from a big enterprise perspective, whereby, they consider the moral values and high standards of the products during evaluation. Qnet as a company strictly follow the vegetarian rules and only vegetarian food can be served at any event hosted by the firm. They also rigorously advocate for vegetarianism as a way to which people across the world can have a healthy lifestyle. All sections of Qnet’s business policies and products reflect high vegetarian values. The firm does not allow the use of any ingredient that is non-vegetarian in any of its edible or consumable products. The also encourage the use of safe product testing methods that do not involve animals to avoid hurting them. Qnet has been very determined in educating people across the world about deteriorative diseases such as heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. The firm has reduced the amount of sugar, synthetic sweeteners and unsafe consumable chemicals that are used in the products.

The Asian company has a motivating philosophy that states that improve yourself to better the people surrounding you. Being a successful business, Qnet takes social responsibility seriously by participating in various philanthropic activities in different parts of the world. The company helps local and international societies to create and follow critical community policies. Qnet has been recognized for its tremendous support for programs that help children with special needs at the Rashid Center.