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The Shooting Of Cedrick Chatman By Chicago Police Is Questionable

The Chicago police have shot more than 1,600 people since 1986 which averages out to more than one person per week. Of the 208 cases in which shootings have been investigated, not one shooting has been found to be unjustified. It has become all too common for African-Americans to be shot while unarmed- this has been a national issue.

Increase in questionable police shootings have risen since; Michael Brown from Ferguson, MO was shot by officer Darren Wilson, Twelve year old Tamir Rice from Cleveland, OH was shot by police for holding a toy gun and Walter Scott from North Charleston, SC was shot by a police officer five times for fleeing after a traffic stop. Larquan McDonald from Chicago was armed when police fatally shot him. McDonald was shot 16 times by only one officer present at the scene. This incident was filmed and is currently being investigated.

A shooting that occurred before any of these big headline cases occurred was the fatal shooting of Cedrick Chatman. The incident had made headlines when it happened; but then disappeared. Chatman was one of 118 people to be shot by Chicago police since 2008. The media accounts of what happened in the Chatman shooting were mainly based on statements made by Pat Camden, a former police officer.

Camden told NBC Chicago when Chatman was chased an officer saw him holding something. The officer shouts out that he is holding something, but the object was not identified. The officer, claiming he feared for his life at this point, shoots and fatally hits Chatman. These statements would later be altered, and charges would be filed against the officer who shot Chatman as the incident did not occur as Camden originally reported. This incident underwent intense investigation with the complaint against officer Fry being sustained. Sustained does not mean the charge against Fry for unlawful shooting was false, it just means they could not find the evidence against him for charges.

Techcrunch reported that Handy noted it has been more than two years since Chatman was shot, and investigations are still going on as his mother is suing officer Fry. She is filing a suit that will seek eight figures in sum. Chatman’s mother, Linda says it’s not about the money, because that won’t bring her son back.