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At White Shark Media, Customer Satisfaction Is A Top Priority

White Shark Media is a company that concentrates on helping business owners manage their Google AdWords campaigns in the confusing world of internet and search engine marketing. Among other things, customer satisfaction is one of the strongest points at White Shark Media, and great emphasis is placed on making sure that all and any complaints received from its customers are dealt with accordingly and effectively.

Here are just some examples of how White shark Media has improved itself and actually made significant changes to the way the company operates based upon and because of customer feedback and complaints. Some customers felt that there was not enough communication between them and their consultants and advisors who were helping them manage their AdWords campaigns. White Shark Media’s response was to bring their communication process to an entirely new level. Now, monthly conference meetings are conducted online between the business owner or his or her campaign manager and the White shark Media consultant assigned to the company. Each company is also provided with a phone number that leads directly to its consultant so that the consultant can be reached at any time.

Sometimes, a company may feel that the strategist assigned to them just doesn’t click. Because of this possibility, White shark Media makes sure that its senior strategists help out all new companies throughout the entire transition process, and even after a company is settled in nicely, these senior strategists are always available in the case that they are needed.

To further ensure that each strategist is fulfilling his or her responsibilities and is not slacking off or not putting in enough effort, each strategist assigned to a company actually has a supervisor that he or she must report to. These supervisors are not responsible for more than 3-5 strategists. This ensures that each strategist is on the right track.

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