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Dr. Sergio Cortes Juggles Two Professions And It Works For Him

The 1980s and 1990s were called the running years by the enthusiast that got up every morning and logged in four or five miles before breakfast. A lot of good things happen when a person gets the cardiovascular workout that the heart muscle needs to function properly. But other things happens to the body if it is not prepared for long distance running, and Dr. Sergio Cortes decided to do something about those issues. More and more young people are turning up with hip injuries, and some of the experts say running is the reason. In the United States, the number of hip replacements has increased, and the reason for the increase seems to be body abuse as well as bone deterioration.
Dr. Cortes always want to be an orthopedic surgeon after graduating from the University Souza Marques in Rio. Cortes went to the United States to study orthopedic surgery. After learning all he could learn about hip replacements and hip surgeries, Cortes traveled to the Tissue Bank at the Federal University in Buenos Aires, and he worked there until he returned to Rio. Dr. Cortes took a position at the Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto. He was named Doctor for Brazilian volleyball team in 1989, and he practiced medicine at the Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto for more than two years back in the 1990s.
His U.S. training had paid off, and his reputation as a gifted surgeon spread around Rio and in other large Brazilian cities. Cortes got very involved in volleyball and the Olympics, but he realized he missed his orthopedic practice. Dr. Cortes took a position at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, and for the next 16 years he practiced orthopedic surgeon.
But all that all changed in 2002 when he was named the director of the Institute. He became an administrator, and he made several important political friends in that position. In 2007, his title changed again. People were now calling him the State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense as well as a doctor. President Dilma Rousseff wanted Cortes in her administration, and he jumped at the chance. Dr. Cortes has been the State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense for the last eight years.
People ask Cortes how he juggles being a doctor and a politician at the same time, and he always answers them the same way. Dr.Cortes says both professions help people, and that’s what he always wanted to do. He likes to serve people, and he does it well.

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