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Makari: A Leading Skin Care Company For Individuals Of Color

Makari is a skin care company that offers beauty products made specifically for women and men of color. In the past, women and men of color have been largely ignored in the beauty and skin care industries. The company was founded to fulfill these different needs that have long been ignored. In addition to fulfilling the unique needs individuals of color posses, Makari’s products are made with pure, natural ingredients that care for the skin. Many of Makari’s products are made with: Argan Oil, Caviar and Carrot Oil to give the skin extra hydration and nourishment. All of Makari’s products are free of Hydroquinone, an ingredient that has been linked to potential, harmful side effects when used frequently.

Makari’s skin lightening products are specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of acne and stretch marks, and dark spots. Reducing these skin imperfections help give Makari’s clients the more even skin tone, and overall healthier looking skin that they desire. The company is also the leading skin care company for skin lightening products. Their best selling product is their Body Beautifying Whitening Milk, which whitens pigmented marks and discoloration, to make skin tone more even. The Milk gives its user a smooth complexion while hydrating their skin. Another popular skin lightening product is their Carotonic Skin Lightening Serum. Along with evening the user’s complexion, it also removes toxic build up and protects the skin from free radicals.

Customers can feel confident that when they are using a product by Makari, they are treating their skin with safe and effective ingredients that will leave their skin healthy and improved. Makari is now available online, as well as in private locations in New York City. In addition to their skin lightening products, they have expanded to include: make-up, lotions and baby skin care products to fulfill other beauty and skin care needs.