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Mobile Cleaning is Now a Multi Million Dollar Industry

Handy is a leading platform that connects homeowners with top quality professionals in the cleaning industry. After just two years of being in business, the company already has over $1 million in bookings every week.

According to Umang Dua, the chief operating officer of Handy, the company now has a $52 million run rate.

Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan have created an in demand service that has taken the country by storm. Their business model is unlike anything both consumers or cleaning professionals have ever seen.

Hanrahan was quoted as saying, “our cleaners say it’s like an ATM machine in your pocket.” This in response to the mobile app the company launched to work hand in hand with their service.

The great thing about the Handy service is it allows cleaning professionals to set their own hours. That means you are able to work when its convenient for you and build your business around your life versus building your life around your business.

When you consider the average cleaning professional is making $18 per hour with the service, you see why the service is taking off.

These amazing revenue numbers are a direct result of Handy and Homejoy doing a complete overhaul when it comes to the branding of both businesses. As the app continues to gain traction, more and more consumers are getting comfortable with the idea of using an app to hire a cleaning service.

Handy takes the safety of their customers very seriously. That’s why all service professionals go through an in depth vetting process. Each individual who wants to provide services via the app must go through a national and country level background check.

According to Hanrahan, the goal of the Handy app is to become a remote control for homes all over the world. The company is working towards rolling out several different services in an instant book kind of way.

While the bulk of Handy’s revenue comes from house cleaning, both Homejoy and Handy are hoping to expand far beyond that in the near feature.

At this point Handy is available in London, two cities in Canada and 25 cities in the United States. Over 200,000 professionals have applied to provide services through the app. However, so far only 5000 have made the cut. That alone should show you how serious the company is about protecting consumers who chose to use their services.

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