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Stem Cell Therapy Testimonials Are Real

Stem cell therapy is an innovative treatment for lung disease, like pulmonary fibrosis, COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and other conditions pertaining to the lungs. What happens is the patients own stem cells are taken from their blood cells or bone marrow, rejuvenated and then placed back in the patient which promotes healing of the lung tissue, giving a patient improved lung function.

The medical field is finally realizing this type of therapy is helping through testimonials from those who have done the stem cell therapy. Denise, a woman whose health was declining because of COPD ( and chronic asthma, was not able to participate in family activities with her grandchildren, a fact that made her sad. She wasn’t able to spend time with the horses she loved or walk without oxygen to sustain her. After her treatment, she no longers needs to use a walker or oxygen, gets to hang out with the horses and especially the grand kids.

Tammi, a patient from Ohio, also had COPD. After her treatment, she began to see her health improving each day. After some time, she was able to walk and have a conversation without becoming out of breath. She wanted to know how well she was improving on a medical basis, so she had a PFT done at her doctor’s office. They performed a pulmonary function test, or, PFT and found her lung function went from 58% up to 78% after treatment. She is still continuing to improve every day. You can read more about his case on

When The Lung Institute was founded, most traditional treatments were not helping those who suffered illnesses like COPD and pulmonary fibrosis, among other lung diseases. This institution was created to help those who suffered lung diseases, helping to go above and beyond traditional treatment. Traditional treatment only masked the disease, leaving negative side effects and temporarily relieving symptoms instead of helping to find a way to address the actual progression of the lung disease.

The Lung Institute uses autologous stem cells that are taken from a patient’s body, either by blood or bone marrow. They harness the cells then place them back in the patient’s body in an invasive procedure. Medical website says with an 85% success rate, the medical community is now taking a look at what The Lung Institute has known all along.

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