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Yeonmi Park’s Struggle and Mission to Share the Truth

Yeonmi Park‘s book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” on Amazon begins with Park’s very first steps out of suppressive North Korea in March of 2007. She and her mother made the incredibly difficult journey, including crossing the Yalu River, which was frozen, in the middle of the night. Together, they arrived in China and began what would be a horrific journey to freedom that would last years. Due to Yeonmi’s illegal status, she was subject to constant abuse and starvation as she tried to survive. As with anyone making these kinds of claims against North Korea and receiving this level of fame, Yeonmi has her fair share of naysayers. Pyongyang has produced a long video that tries to discredit parts of the story. “Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot” accuses both Yeonmi and her mother of being United States Agents and vilifies them both. North Korea, of course, completely disagrees with her claims about her homeland and its suppressive nature and refer to Yeonmi as a celebrity defector. Yeonmi has remained strong through the attacks, and insists her story is true. She did alter a few details to protect friends and family members who are still in North Korea. As Yeonmi herself has said, she didn’t know what freedom was, didn’t know the word, and had no clue of the concept until she was finally free of the entire ordeal. She was simply happy to just have food prior to all of this. Her compelling story sheds much light on the plight of North Koreans, and the tens of thousands of refugees world wide. Any mistruths could set refugees back, their entire cause depends on the credibility of these stories, but sadly most are locked in secretive nations making them almost impossible to verify. For her part, Yeonmi has stated on Youtube  that she knows the truth of North Korea well and refuses to let the tragedy and oppression be silenced. All information originally obtained from