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Supreme Courts Shoots Down Open Software Platforms

In what is being called a disaster for the software industry, Reddit reports that United States Supreme Court will not review the 2014 copyright law that states Google infringed on Oracles Java’s copyright.

According to Vox, the internet’s power comes from the ability of billions of computers to interact, and this is done by building new software from existing platforms standards. It is commonly done, and this announcement by the Supreme Court makes comparability issues more difficult to get around.

For example, AT&T developed Unix, and it became an industry standard. According to Brad Reifler, from Unix came Linux, which is the foundation stone from Android devices to web servers. Copyright law didn’t prevent this, but now developers may be forced to learn different systems. This could prevent older devices from being compatible with new devices, and force upgrade issues for older hardware. Costs will go up, and it will reverberate in every area of the software and hardware industry.