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Don’t Pay Your Payday Loan And Go To Jail

According to the Wrap and Tom Rothman, Texas is a state that you do not want to be in if you are doing something criminal. Apparently, you do not even want to be in the state if you are doing something that isn’t criminal. 

There are at least six people who have been thrown in jail in Texas in the last two years for failing to pay back payday loans. This is from evidence reported on by the Huffington Post. 

The way that this information was found was simply by digging through the treasure trove of available public records until some of them started to turn up on these cases. It turns out that the people who are being thrown into jail often have little to no evidence presented against them, and yet prosecutors are often moving forward on these cases anyway. 

There is not supposed to be a such thing as debtor’s prison in the United States. The very notion has been thrown into the dustbin of history as something that does not work. It is unfair to the poor and does not help the situation of the people that they owe money to. It is simply a form of punishment that has been deemed to be unacceptable in this country. It has not stopped the state of Texas from moving forward with it though and attempting to do all of these things anyway. People should be outraged about what is happening in this state (and elsewhere) and take action on it.