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Will The Show Go On For The Duggars?

Many companies have already pulled the plug on supporting the popular show “The Duggars.” For instance, General Mills is one that is no longer backing the popular brood. However, the girls’ recent weddings and birth of Jill’s baby were a ratings rocker for TLC. Will the show go on without Joshua and his family?

TLC has a few options in dealing with the latest scandal according to Adam Sender. They can either cancel the show all together, they can remove josh and continue filming, or they can just keep things full steam ahead as usual. The Duggar girls are the real reason many are tuning in these days. People could care less how many babies Michelle and Jim Bob make, they have fallen in love with the children. There are also other Duggars who are dating and entering courtships. This is also what the public likes to see.

Even if the show does go on, will they have the financial support it needs to keep it on the air? Mike Huckabeestands behind them, but is he willing to financially support and sponsor the show? Negotiations are going strong and from what officials say right now, it appears the show many go on without Josh or Anna. Since he is off in Washington DC with his family, he is easy to write off the show. However, with no job and all those kids to raise, it is possible he will head home to mom and dad for help.