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Enjoy a One of a Kind Wine from Antique Wine Company

If you love fine wine, then there is no doubt that you are in the right place. This article is going to look into details at one of the leading companies in the wine industry, the antique wine company. This company is based in London and specializes in rare wines. The headquarters is in Marylebone, Central London. Stephen Williams founded the antique wine company in 1982. Before going to wine selling, Stephen was in the sales and marketing department selling life insurance for a commission. It was after there was no call from clients in this market that he decided to venture into wine selling. The oldest of three children worked hard ever since to come up with what is now the leader when it comes to wines.
Antique wine company provides its services to 70 countries with a client base of over 20,000. This company has taken part in a number of events. One such event is the three centuries of Chateau-Rothschild that took place in the year 2007 at Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. They have also supplied 70 year antique old wines on the 70th birthday of former president of the U.S George Bush. It also provides its clients with a broad range of services including rare wines, cellar planning, and private wine master classes.
The antique wine company launched an academy in 2011 which offers wine courses, purpose-built space, master classes for fine wine, and private events. In the same year, this company had a record for selling the most valuable white wine bottle. AWC is fast growing with two sales offices located in Asia, and it has also been established in the Philippines. This company supplies a broad range of its wine to hotels, private individuals, global wine trade as well as restaurants. The company is recognized internationally, and there is a good number of people who seek the services and stocks of AWC.
The antique wine company supports, advises and manages wine cellars that are in private residences, palaces, chateaux and grand hotels all over the world. AWC has managed to be internationally recognized as a result of the excellent service it offers its clients. It has impressive premises, a brand image that it very high and healthy customer relationship. These are needed to build a sound customer base. Not to forget the stock holdings. It also has infrastructure that is operational and allows it to provide its services on a personalized level to its clients.