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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Help Cancer Survivors Navigate New Terrain

For the countless individuals who have unfortunately have had to struggle against cancer often the physical symptoms caused by the disease itself, including those brought upon by the treatments, rival that of those caused by the emotional strain of having to not only fight for your life but do so in the face of detoriating health.

Far too often those unique set of circumstances that accompany the symptoms of cancer such as hair loss, dental complications, and weight loss all do their part to erode patient’s ability to continnue to progress through treatments despite the circumstances.

The Cancer Treatments Centers of America Help Survivors Reclaim Their Lives

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have provided patients across the country with access to the vital treatemnts they need to survive while focusing on helping individuals return back to the normalcy of their lives as quickly and easily as possible so this often includes providing emotional outreach for patients and survivors.

The latest outreach program created by the selfless individuals at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America aims to help women maintain their self value and esteem despite their diagnosis.

The program aptly dubbed Look Good Feel Beter brings together cancer patients and cosmetic professionals for group and individual sessions focusing on working around the symptoms of cancer while still looking your best.

Though the make up tutorials, seminars, and sessions provide patients with practical information they will need to navigate the emotianal turmoil caused by watching your body detoriate, the sessions provide patients with a much more valuable experience and take away than free make-up and lessons, a sense of strength found within a community of people fighting the same fight which altogether makes all the more difference.

If you would like to learn more about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, visit the Chicago Tribune.

Cassio Audi Is A Skilled Finance Professional

Cassio Audi always knew what he wanted to do with his life. This is why he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. This was followed by MBA in finance. Today this is coupled with over 23 years of experience in the finance industry. With such credentials, he has become an enviable force in the field of finance.


Cassio Audi has experience of working for all kinds of enterprises. These include start-ups, public enterprises along with private companies, large multinational firms, and private equity businesses, besides turn-around cases. With such varied experience, he is an authority in the world of finance today.


He understands the business well. He can define and drive operations to foster the growth of any business. The aim is to enhance productivity here.


Cassio Audi advocates change. He knows that this is the only constant thing in business. Hence for any business to survive and sustain itself, it is vital that it is able to gauze the change around and adapt itself accordingly. His communication skills have made him a popular speaker on topics related to finance where he shares his immense knowledge with his audience.


Cassio Audi is known for his interpersonal skills that allow him to get along well with his colleagues and other staff.


He started his career in 1992 by joining J P Morgan Chase as a trader. Since then he has worked in various companies in a variety of roles.


Cassio Audi is known for his simple style of working. He can motivate people through his way of working. He is committed to implementing his ideas. It is his action-oriented approach that lets him achieve more than was expected out of him. Cassio Audi is an achiever. He does not believe in making a tall claim. This approach has made him an inspiration for many.

Helane Morrison: The Heroine of Finance

Financial matters are confusing for everyday Americans. From savings plans to investing there seems to be a striking lack of trust in the American financial system, and rightfully so. The economic crash of 2007-2008 caused people to lose their homes, their jobs, and any sense of security in financial authorities. Helane Morrison has done, and continues to do, the hard work of making the financial process is a fair one in all aspects.

The integrity of Morrison is not mere speculation. Her record with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) during her 11 years of service at the headquarters in San Francisco was one of authority and transparency. She protected corporations and individuals from fraud by being absolutely unyielding to inside pressures. By taking on “untouchable” executives from humongous corporations she made it known that her insistence on full disclosure and equal penalties did not allow for wealthy exceptions. This dedication to consistency in this field is precisely what led to the Commission naming her Head of Commission and Regional Director, making her the first female in that role.

Throughout her service with the SEC, Helane Morrison did everything in her power to begin to build America’s trust in the financial markets again through ensuring equal treatment and transparency. However, her time in the SEC also opened her eyes to an inequality of a different kind. In an industry that she had arguably championed, Morrison realized that the women in business and finance were few and far between. She also noticed that the higher up in the ranks she got, the fewer women seemed to be along side her. She found that in some companies there were even gender segregated meetings. Appalled by the astonishing lack of female representation and opportunity overall, it comes as no surprise that after leaving the SEC Helane Morrison yet again set out to make a difference.

Her new home is the most successful investment advisory firm in San Francisco. Hall Capital has $24 billion in assets and manages some of America’s wealthiest families. It is also one of the only financial companies in the entire country that is completely run by women. So not only is Helane Morrison continuing to educate and restore trust between companies and investors, she is also standing up against the gender inequalities that plague the world of finance. If her history tells us anything, it’s that Helane Morrison is not at all intimidated by a challenge.

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Release A Report About Its Fourth Quarter Performance

We all know James Dondero as the co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, but little about his career and education. Jim, as he is popularly known by his peers, is a very well decorated academician, who has many qualifications to his name. He attended and graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He then joined McIntire School of Commerce for his Accounting and Finance and graduated with majors in both. He has many academic certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

After school in 1984, James Dondero started working at Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. He then joined the American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager where worked for some time then moved on to be a Chief Investment Officer. In this position, he was able to be one of the initiators of the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life who turned the firm to over $2B from just a business plan within four years.

James Dondero is a co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, a hedge fund firm that was started in 1993. Jim is a credit and equity specialist, who has over 30 years experience in the market and mainly focuses on high-yield and distressed investing sectors. Through Highland Capital Management, he hoped to contribute greatly to the development of the Collateralized Loan Obligation and developing credit-oriented solutions that serve institutional and retail investors globally. He has also come up with award winning products such as institutional separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs that make the credit and fairness sector better.

According to the 13F report for the fourth quarter of the year, James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management had a portfolio value of $3.42 billion, which is $1.49 billion decrease from $4.91 billion the previous year’s quarter. The report also indicated that Highland Capital Management has over $15.04 billion in assets under its management, this represents an equity exposure of approximately 22.73% of the total assets.

Highland Capital Management had a negative percentage change in market value of 30.41 % from the previous market value of $4,912,889,000 to the current market value of $3,418,903,000. James Dondero’s hedge fund firm was able to record a total turnover of 22.37 % in the fourth quarter. There stock activities in the fourth quarter indicate 69 new purchases and an additional 62 purchases. The firm was able to sell out 119 shares which is 80 less stocks from the previous year’s quarter. It also recorded an increase in the value of its top ten holdings by 29.55%.

QNet: Mastering The Basics

In a world where the internet is fast approaching ubiquity, more and more companies are taking their products online. This includes QNet. In addition to selling a wide range of life-enhancing goods, the company offers entrepreneurs a business model that can help facilitate financial independence and vocational freedom. To get a basic understanding of the company purpose and infrastructure, review the outline that appears below:

QNet: Mastering The Basics

QNet is a multi-level marketing company. Established in 1998, the company is predicated on the principle of business excellence. By providing independent representatives with ongoing mentoring and skill-building classes, the company enables them to become effective in marketing and selling its wide range of products.

What Is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

Although defined broadly, multi-level marketing is basically a business model that involves recruiting independent business representatives to sell a company’s goods and/or services. The business representatives earn a percentage of the profits for the services and products sold. Additionally, the representatives engage individuals within their social network to determine their interest level in becoming new representatives for the company. When an individual is recruited to a representative’s team, the representative earns a percentage of the profits that the new team member generates from sales. This model replicates itself over and over, thereby enabling business representatives to earn an unlimited income.

About The Company’s Products

QNet is pleased to offer the public a wide range of wonderful products that can enhance their physical and mental health. Moreover, these products can be purchased from the privacy of the consumer’s own home. In recognizing that the world is currently experiencing a health crisis, QNet is pleased to be a part of the solution by offering wonderful products such as their InShape Meal Shake. This weight management product incorporates the latest science to help consumers regulate fat cells, curb their appetites, and lose weight. Moreover, the product empowers customers to lose weight without undergoing the “yo-yo effect” of losing weight and then putting it all back on quickly.

In addition to offering wonderful weight loss products, QNet is pleased to offer goods in the sectors of personal care, home care, fashion, and luxury.


If you are interested in running your own company in order to control the direction of your personal and professional life, QNet may be the right business for you to pursue. And if you’re not interested in becoming an independent business representative, you may still find yourself wanting to try some or all of the company’s wellness products. To learn more about QNet and what the company can do for you, visit their website at

The Aggressive Growth of Computer Sciences Corporation and Eric Pulier’s Contribution

Early computer manufacturers such as IBM did not include software in their computers. Corporations that bought the computers were required to either write the programs they needed or buy them from established software writing companies. Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones created Computer Sciences Corporation to satisfy this need for computer programs Roy Nutt was a programmer with IBM, while Fletcher Jones was a marketer from North American Aviation Corp.
In 1959, the two entrepreneurs raised $100 and used the money to establish CSC. The company was to write complex programs such as compilers, operating systems, and assemblers. With hardly any personal computer at the time, the company was to target big clients such as NASA, US Government, and Computer Manufactures.

Winning over big name clients meant the company had to increase the number of its employees and continuously improve its programs. By 1964, the company had over 230 employees. Its revenues had already totaled to over $4 million. The company had already established itself as a big software writing company. The technical skills provided by Roy Nutt, and the vigorous marketing from Fletcher Jones enabled the firm to successfully fight competition.

The first major acquisition made by CSC was buying two divisions of ITT. This gave the corporation an opportunity to expand its operations into design and development of computer systems that are used for communications. This enabled it to include defense agencies and other governmental clients into its client list. One of these agencies was NASA.
1970s saw the corporation venturing into development of remote processing systems. These systems were to enable CSC to links its computers with those of its clients hence reducing paper work. By 1975, the firm already had a network totaling 100,000 miles. The network served all government agencies and other CSC’s clients in 125 cities. In 1980s, the corporation achieved aggressive growth through increasing its services and acquiring other corporations.

The company’s revenues sharply increased during Eric Pulier’s time at the corporation. As the corporation’s Vice President and the General Manager at Cloud, Pulier supervised the creation and development of CSC’s could platform. This new platform enabled the corporation to eliminate unnecessary operation costs and improve its competiveness. The result was improved profitability which availed excess capital. CSC used this capital to acquire more firms and open branches across other continents.

CSC continues to grow as it improves its services and develop new business solutions. The corporation has been listed as a Fortune 500 Company since 1995. The visionary leadership at CSC has being the main factor behind the transformation of the corporation from a $100 startup to a Fortune 500 Company.

Brian Bonar’s Career Came Through Hard Work And Passion

Finance is a tough field to break into, and only the smartest of people can get a job in it and succeed at what they are doing. It takes people with brains to be able to take on the work that they have to do and to do it well. Finance is something that not many people will be able to succeed in, but those who have a passion for this subject should go at it full force. There should be nothing stopping them if this is what they want to dedicate their life to.

Brian Bonar is a man who found finance to be something that he wanted to get into. And, he was brave enough to go for it and make the career happen for himself. Despite any obstacles that he may have faced in his life, Brian Bonar pushed through and made his career turn out to be something to be proud of. He was employed by multiple companies over the years, from IBM, U.K., to Bezier Systems, Inc., to many more places. He served as the director for one company and the executive vice president for another. Many people have seen the potential that he holds for working in his field, and they have chosen to have him work for them in the hopes that he would be able to better them.

So, although finance is a hard field to work in, it is obvious to see that it is not impossible. As long as someone has a lot of passion for what they are doing, and as long as they have the ambition to learn a lot and to keep at the work that they are doing, then they should be able to make a career in this field happen for themselves. And they will be happy once that happens.

Why Businesses Need the Financial Professionalism of Brian Bonar

Owning a business often means it is necessary to make many financial decisions every day. Financial decisions involving such things as: insurance and taxes, pension plans, and handling the requirements of the business’s payroll. Sometimes the assistance of a professional financial corporation is needed to help sort through those financial decisions. Brian Bonar is a financial expert who manages one such financial corporation. Beginning in 1999, Brian Bonar has been the chairman of the Board of the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Helping Businesses large and small, Brian Bonar uses his financial expertise to get the financial necessities done effortlessly and successfully, particularly when it comes to payroll. Payroll involves determining such things as the amounts of municipal and federal tax deductions, and how much taxes are owed by the business. These financial decisions can be sensitive, but as a businessman representing the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar makes it trouble free.

Health care, social security, and the annual tax forms associated with retaining and tracking the business’s payroll are also aspects of payroll deductions. When utilizing the financial and professional assistance of Brian Bonar, a business owner will not have to be concerned that their company’s financial matters are dealt with correctly and processed on time. Bonar will meet with people of a business’s highest level, and discover exactly what type of financial needs there are, in addition to assessing how he can aid the business to improve in order for owners to have the time to deal with other business matters such as handling profits. When it comes to matters of finance, experience does make a difference. For many years, Brian Bonar has acquired extensive knowledge and experience.

In addition to working in his current position for a number of years, Bonar worked as chairman and the chief executive officer of the American Management Services, LLC. For several years, he also held the chairman and chief executive officer position in the Solvis Group, Inc., in addition to other businesses akin to these. Bonar attained a Master of Business Administration, as well as a PhD, at Staffordshire University in Staffordshire, England. He is an active community worker, and has contributed his talents working with the Greater San Diego Boys and Girls Clubs of California. Mr. Brian Bonar processes the coveted honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, of the Wales United Kingdom.

At the end of the day, owning a business involves business owners having a desire for effective methods of managing the financial aspects of their business, particularly those of payroll. A financial corporation such as Dalrada Financial Corporation that is managed by Brian Bonar, can assist business owners achieve those financial aspirations well beyond their expectations.

Computer Science Guru

Data had reliably been secured on a printed variant media and used with a machine even much sooner than the first PC was conceptualized. After, the PC thought has experienced two or three progressions and procedures to date. Obviously, programming building suggests the discerning investigative way to deal with oversee handling and their programs. Safe to say the programming building that we capably consider the structure, expression, opportunity and the exact motorization of calculations. These are the building squares that help create the successful Computer Sciences Corp.

The Computer Science Corp, follows its roots to the early years of the PC age. The organization, initially situated in the Los Angeles range, was established in 1950s by Roy Nutt, an engineer who was a piece of the group that made the coding languages, Fletcher Jones who had dealt with the focus as an aviation foreman. Together, Nutt and Jones composed the framework programming for each real centralized server PC, making it workable for more ventures to modernize their operations.

In the 60s, CSC evolved from serving PC creators to serving PC clients specifically, the greatest client of all: the government. In the 70s, CSC turned into a major player in time-sharing, leasing its centralized computer PCs to clients by the moment. In the 80s, it rode the influx of frameworks incorporation, helping organizations tie their different PC frameworks together.

It was amid the 90s, in any case, when CSC truly took off. About each expansive organization, alongside numerous administration offices, moved to outsource data innovation operations —and with it, their current equipment, programming and representatives. Organizations, vied for these multiyear, billion-dollar contracts such as IBM. Soon after moving its central station to the Washington district in the late 2000s, Their income ranked in billions, with thousands of representatives overall and an accounting report stacked with its clients frameworks, every one hand crafted and automated.

The Computer Sciences Corporation picked up this ground with the major man in control, Eric Pulier. Look at Eric Pulier’s article on Wikipedia and similar sites. Eric Pulier is a business visionary, supplier, and an innovator. He is the CEO of a business entitled Service Mesh Inc. Eric Pulier encouraged the making of the Computer Science Corporation. This is primarily because of Eric Pulier that the affiliation has comprehends how to develop its efficiency and chop down the expenses of operation. In generosity, Eric Pulier underpins different valuable and non-advantage affiliations, for example, X-Prize Foundation. The X-Prize supervises discords went for illuminating the best difficulties of humanity. All these and other unselfish affiliations get backing from Eric Pulier, that is the reason he is an evident figure and a practical agent. He’s also written this book.

Brian Bonar Is Helping Imaging Technologies Grow With Strategic Acquisitions

There are only so many ways to grow a business, especially one that’s been around for awhile. You can either do all the marketing yourself to find new customers or you can acquire a company that already has customers. Either method is valid and both have been used for decades successfully by leading companies. Both of them can end up having relatively predictable costs, but acquisitions have a slight edge over marketing in that department. When you buy a company, you know exactly what the customers are costing you.

Brian Bonar, CEO of Imaging Technologies, has been using the acquisition strategy successfully this year. He has taken over several firms in related industries that can help ITEC to grow out its core business. ITEC, like many other maturing companies, finds that a strategy of consistent acquisitions is a faster road to greater revenues than through traditional marketing channels only. When you’re already well-known in a vertical, it makes sense to branch out into new areas that can prove extremely lucrative. That’s what Imaging Technologies has been doing under the tutelage of Bonar.

Bonar recently completed the acquisition of SourceOne Group Inc has moved ITEC into the professional employee services industry. This sector should prove very lucrative since the employment sector is constantly growing. The problems these companies have can be solved by the technology that ITEC offers so the fit is obvious. When a certain level of synergy has been achieved with an acquisition, it can help both the acquiring company as well as the one that was purchased. The company that was bought out will have access to greater levels of capital from their new parent company. For a company that’s already growing, that’s a way for them to do even greater effective marketing so their top-line growth can really soar. This type of revenue increase allows the parent company to recoup the costs of the acquisition rapidly. Bonar said that the SourceOne Group deal will add $40 million in revenues for Imaging Technology this year.

Brian Bonar was written about by PRNewsWire.

The small and medium-sized business who make up the bulk of the customers for SourceOne Group can be sold new services by Imaging Technologies. The sales force for the company has already been integrated into the parent company structure. They bring years of expertise selling products and services to their market. So far the acquisition strategy has been looking good for ITEC. They should end the year up many millions in revenues. Bonar has stated that this current plan will continue for some time. ITEC has positioned themselves well to take on even more acquisitions as they first ones begin to push revenues and profits towards the parent company. Bonar stated that everything is going according to plan.