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Securus Technologies are Connecting individuals through Video

Securus Technologies have been on the forefront of providing services to the inmates and the prison services across America. Through thorough research and innovation building have been technologies that have been realized and thus the release of the inmate video visitation app. The app was released in February and within a span of two weeks as reported by PR Newswire, it had been downloaded enormously.

The video visitation app is in a position of making communication easier between the families the inmates. It is through this they are able to share various special days with their special ones. Special events (see, such as holidays, birthdays, school days, anniversaries and sports days can be easily spread across the video app in a faster way. It has been in the process of building a better surveillance tool to the prisons and the latest mobile app is the best in filling the gap in the technological world.

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and it has a wide list of clients from the prison sector, public safety, and law enforcement to offer technological solutions that fit their clients. PR Newswire also praised the app, saying It is dedicated to offering the best technological tools so that they can be ahead in the pack of the rest of their competitors.

The latest app that they have developed is readily available in Google play and also in App Store. They are compatible with all smart phones that are made of android and most of the Apple products. Bringing the families together is always their wish and they are in a position of offering the best solutions when it comes to surveillance, providing real-time information and to also ensure that security is instilled in the entire sector.

Communication and connecting people is the key drive of Securus and the video visitation mobile app has proved that they can connect and serve people. Learn more by visiting