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FreedomPop Successful New Round of Funding

Suspected future profits often times cause entrepreneurs to hold on for a better offer, more money, and ultimately greater acclaim. FreedomPop, a free-to-a-limit wireless provider that leverages Sprint’s network amongst others, has sidestepped the M&A offers once again, and was able to gather up the funds they need to grow their business through private sources. The company is expanding further into Europe, which requires additional cash. At this point, with expansion being a primary component of their business plan, had they not found the funding, they would have been in the position of foregoing growth, or giving up a part of the company to obtain the necessary funding.

FreedomPop is the first 100% free wireless internet provider in the United States. Inspired by a fictional character on an HBO comedy series, when trying to secure funding, FreedomPop CEO Stephen Sokols decided independence was the way to go. They ultimately have plans to expand their menu of services, and if they were forced to give up a part of the company to foster this growth, that vision could have been altered. FreedomPop already has strong wholesale partnerships with 4G Wimax and 4G LTE mobile broadband network providers, and these partnerships are keeping the road ahead wide-open for this wireless start-up.

With the amount of interest they garner each time they look for a round of funding, much can be inferred. Investors are putting large amounts of cash into this start-up. This means that not only are they seeing how successful FreedomPop is today, investors also see the potential in this business model going forward. This confidence vote comes in the form of cash, and it is really the highest praise this company could receive. Successful rounds of funding is the best form of advertising a company could ever get, and for FreedomPop this also means they are likely here to stay.

How To Find A Good Apartment In New York City

New York City is known for it’s pricey apartments. In fact, studio apartments can cost you well over 3,000 dollars a month. These types of rent are unheard of in areas outside of the city. It can be difficult to find an apartment for an affordable price. However, there are plenty of resources out there to help you to find the best deals that you can get.

One option for looking for apartments in New York City is to search in flyers and guides. These listings are unlikely to be rental scams, but they may not give the full picture of apartments available in New York City. These listings can be found in many locations around New York City. Sometimes, apartments are even listed in the morning paper.

Another way to look for NYC luxury real estate through the internet. The internet has a number of different websites that can help you to find an affordable apartment. Of course, beware of rental scams. Do not send money to anyone you have not arranged to meet in person. Many apartment offers on these websites are legitimate. However, there is a surprising number that aren’t. There are many websites out there dedicated to this purpose, such as,, and

If you are very serious about getting the best deal that you can, going to a real estate agency might be a good idea. Real estate agents can often times help people to find apartments within their price range. One example of a real estate agency that can work with people to find apartments is Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate not only has agents that can help you, but they also have a search feature online. This search feature can help you to find the best deal for your money.

Dan Newlin’s Firm

Dan Newlin is not only a lawyer but also a dedicated citizen who has given his life to helping those that need just compensation after an accidental injury. Dan Newlin started out his career when he was 18 years old. His first job was working as a Emergency Medical Technician for the city of New Chicago, Indiana. He remembers vividly that with only 6 months of experience on the job, he was in the back of an ambulance, helping to deliver a baby. His next step in helping others was becoming a police officer in New Chicago. As an officer, Dan Newlin loved his job and eventually transferred to Orange County to take the position as Deputy Sheriff.

As a Deputy Sheriff, Newlin worked with many divisions such as patrol division, fugitive division, and even tourist division. As deputy sheriff, he received many awards and honors that he should be very proud of. What changed his career path was a young woman who was at the hospital, lost her unborn baby. What had happened was that she was hit by a careless driver. Regardless of these facts, her insurance company, did not offer an apology or money. The only thing that  they did was inspect her car to make sure that she was not at fault for the loss of her child.

While he was working at the Sheriff’s office, Dan returned to college at night and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. From there, he attended Florida State Law school where he obtained his law degree in 2000.

Since 2001, Dan Newlin has had both his license as well as a practice. He has hired staff who have the same determination to find justice in accidental injuries. At his firm he will deal with any case that involves wrongful death, truck injury, car injury, medical malpractice, slip and falls, birth injuries and much more.

Dan Newlin currently has two practices with over 75 employees. One of his practices in located in Orlando Florida and the other is located in Chicago Illinois. His attorneys are all legal expertise that have inside experience with the legal system that gives them the advantage of winning any legal case. Newlin has helped so many people while recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. Helping people is what Dan Newlin is good at and he will continue helping people in need with his accredited law firm.