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George Soros Warns of Donald Trump’s Similarity To ISIS

George Soros has been and remains one of the major contributors when it comes to politics in the USA, and he mainly supports the causes and candidates of the liberal party. As one of the world’s wealthiest billionaires George Soros is well known for being the person to have broken the Bank of England in the year 1992. He is also a philanthropist and has put immense effort into the changing of politics.

He is extremely opinionated when it comes to today’s economy and the most recent political happenings. He sat down and was interviewed by Bloomberg, and he really stirred things up when it comes to running candidate Donald Trump. Mr. Soros stated that he believes that Donald Trump is actually the one who is doing the same works as ISIS. The reason for his beliefs is because of Trump’s war against immigrants and has had more support from the primary polls of the Republican supporters. He thinks that Donald Trump is intentionally trying to stoke people’s fears of terror. George Soros has expressed some critiques against other candidates as well such as Hillary Clinton stating that he thinks she will be a winner by a landslide when it comes to the up and coming general election. This billionaire is afraid that with all of the US borders being closed and blocked off to the community of Muslims that it will bring them to loose hope and feel that there is nothing better in this world but to be stuck in an environment of terrorrism with no escape or no choices. George has said that ISIS will not be around too much longer because the governments of Syria and Iraq are going to win back their territory soon that was taken by the ISIS group.

The middle East is crumbling hard and ISIS taking over has put Europe in a serious crisis, and he puts part of that blame on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He believes there is a chance that she took part in making it easy for refugees to enter the country. He made another statement about her saying that she risked her political capitol and lost. Mr. Soros has a large amount of optimism though about Europe and Germany with hopes that all migrants could be integrated successfully, and he can completely understand and relate because he was also once an immigrant himself after World War II from Hungary. Soros admitted that he was a migrant for fifteen years. He spent his days as a teenager in England, and that is where he received his education. George also went to New York and that is where his investment career was launched. He is the actual founder of Founder of Soros Fund Management LLC.

Prison Inmate Finally Captured

Escaped New York prison inmate David Sweat has finally been captured said Christian Broda. The wanted fugitive was missing for nearly three weeks after he and another inmate escaped through the Clinton Correctional Facilities sewer system. Then men were on foot and initially planned to head to Mexico. However when a former prison worker backed out of the initial escape plan, the men had to improvise and decided to head towards Canada instead.

Richard Matt, the 49-year-old escapee along with 35-year-old Sweat stayed together for most of their trek. It was not until the very end the two men separated. According to Sweat, Matt was older and was slowing him down. Authorities worked hard to close in on the men and found Matt lagging behind. Matt was shot and killed on Friday by authorities. Sweat still remained at large until yesterday. According to reports, an officer saw Sweat running through a field and heading towards a tree line. Decked out in camo from head to toe, the officer knew if he hit the tree line he would probably lose him. The officer made a decision to fire at Sweat, hitting him in the back and torso. Sweat immediately dropped to the ground where authorities were able to make an arrest. He was transported to an area hospital and has been listed in critical condition.
This has been one of the longest searches for escaped inmates in years. Residents are thrilled with officers and applauding the capture.


Yemen Experiences Tension

The Middle Eastern nation of Yemen stands along the southernmost border of Saudi Arabia, adjoining two strategically important waterways: the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. This week, reports of ongoing tensions between Shiite Houthi rebels and Sunni forces loyal to the government of President Hadi suggested escalating tensions in Yemen.

Houthi rebels who seized control of Yemen’s government remain in control of some northern parts of the country, including the capital, Sanaa. Reports circulated yesterday that they planned to seize Marib Province, an oil rich province outside of Sanaa that also controls power plants that provide electricity to the capital. Sunni tribes in the area began arming themselves with tanks and rocket-propelled grenades.

On Sunday, the United Nations Security Council instructed the Houthi rebels to return control of the government to President Hadi, whom protestors compelled to resign under duress. The President is presently confined to house arrest. The rebels attempted to disband the parliament in Yemen, but the largest political party objected.

Zeca Oliveira has read that the tribesmen maintained that the Houthi rebel faction receives backing from Iran. The Houthis contend the tribesmen in Marib Province are receiving financial payments from Saudi Arabia. Both sides dispute these claims.

Yesterday a battle occurred for five hours in the second largest city, Aden, as forces supporting President Hadi re-captured control of government offices there. Aden is a port located near the southern tip of Yemen.