Felipe Montoro Jens on Leadership and Running a Company in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is an inspiration to the country of Brazil. He has been at the forefront of infrastructure development since the beginning of his outstanding career. He has built dams, constructed hydroelectric powerplants, created water irrigation systems, and managed contracts for various major cities in Brazil. Without his aid, the country of Brazil would not be where it is today. The government is taking notice.

Not long ago, Felipe Montoro Jens attended a summit for industrial leaders. This was the GLA leadership conference. Bankers, politicians, and financial moguls were in attendance. Felipe Montoro Jens sat amiably amongst the crowd. He was inspired by the speakers he heard and the ideas that were traded. In the world of infrastructural development, there must always be some accountability to society. Jens has stated that he admired the organization of the leadership conference and was amazed at the amount of knowledge he gained. There were panels of discussions on every topic and he was able to be within the proximity of any given topic at any given moment because of the great organization of the whole event.

Brazil’s government has introduced a series of concessions for businesses who decide to help with infrastructure projects by donating their money and resources. When businesses agree to contribute to the improvement of society, there is a compound benefit of increasing living conditions and removing a small burden from the government. Felipe Montoro Jens is in agreement with these policies. He has said that the main cause for public businesses donating to private projects is the lack of good water in Brazil. When these projects are contracted out to public companies the contracts must be reviewed and monitored for the assurance of proper resource allocation. Jens fully supports the idea of monitoring resources.

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