Greg Finch, the orthopedic surgery guru

Orthopedic Surgery is a procedural form of surgery that involves muscle and skeletal systems. The surgery involves both nonsurgical and surgical procedure to combat the skeletal and muscle problems. Below are two leading orthopedic surgeries:


Tracheal shave or Chondrolaryngoplasty


Is an orthopedic procedure that is used to reduce the size of Adam’s apple or thyroid cartilage. This operation is commonly performed to people who wish to do away with the thyroid cartilage. The operation involves cutting or making small incision horizontally under Adam’s apple. Then carefully the throat muscles are held apart using forceps. The surgeon cuts down the protruding cartilage using a scalpel. It’s equally important to note that the procedure can leave a temporary mark for six months.


Reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament


This is an operation carried out to reconstruct the Ligament when it tears. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the main subjects that stabilize in the knee. For the ligament in your knee to rupture it must have been subjected to shear force on the knee that can turn the wrong way. The procedure is simple on the eye but technical in reality to the surgeons. The surgery involves removing the ruptured ligament and uses another tissue either from your body part or your donor to come up with a new Anterior Cruciate Ligament.


Greg Finch is one of the best-known orthopedic surgeons in Australia and the world as a whole. Greg currently operates like a surgeon at the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in Australia. Doctor Greg Finch received his university degrees in the University of Auckland with a Bachelor in both medicine and surgery. Greg Finch focuses mainly on spinal surgery.


Greg Finch is one among the most sorted after surgeons in the Australian continent. He is among the best orthopedic surgeons with high repute in the country.

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